A New York VC Spotlight: Micah Rosenbloom, Founder Collective



Micah Rosenbloom has plenty of experience with startups, being himself the co-founder of three startup businesses and a current venture partner with Founder Collective.

His first company, Handshake.com/SimplyDone Business Solutions, offered web software that enabled consumers to automatically schedule services with a number of service businesses. He co-founded Brontes Technologies, Inc., a dental imaging company, in 2003 with Founder Collective partner Eric Paley, and served as general manager of the company until 2010, when it was sold. He is still involved with the day-to-day workings of his third venture, Sample6 Technologies, Inc.

Rosenbloom is currently a venture partner with Founder Collective, a seed-stage venture capital fund built by a collection of successful entrepreneurs. The company is headquartered in New York City and Cambridge, Mass.

Before entering the start-up world, Rosenbloom worked with the Endeavor talent agency in Los Angeles where he worked as an assistant to one of the agents. The agency is famed for being the backdrop of the HBO hit series Entourage (“I was Lloyd, essentially,” Rosenbloom says).

Rosenbloom received a B.S. degree from Cornell University and his MBA from Harvard Business School. He sits on the board of advisors for Cornell’s Entrepreneurship Program and the Cornell Entrepreneurship Lab.

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Brontes Technologies, Inc.
Sample 6 Technologies, Inc.


Sample6 Technologies, Inc.
ThinkNear (acquired by TeleNav)

Memorable Quotes:

On learning from the failure of Handshake: “I learned a lot then that I applied to the founding of Brontes. You have to be extremely disciplined. You have to be careful not to become too dependent on venture capital and build a real business.”

On working for a talent agency: “Hollywood is surprisingly similar to venture capital. It’s about bringing the script, the star and some of the writers together around a great project.”

On Founder Collective’s founding partners: “We’re really hands-on guys. We’re not career investors, we’re start-up guys. With early-stage stuff, you can get really hands on and put things together and shepherd things along, and I think we’re in a good position to do that. I think the strategy plays really well to our strengths.”

On working with Sample6: “I’ve tried to stay away from following trends and build stuff that has a tangible impact on humanity. We’ve created a set of technologies that will ultimately make the food supply safer for all and that’s a pretty cool mission to get me out of bed each morning.

On co-founding Handshake in the 1990s: “Given the recent successes of services similar to Handshake, I’ve started to believe that we had the right plan. However, we tried to scale faster than the market would allow. No one can control external factors like market euphoria for Internet companies or slow uptake by small/medium size service businesses. But one can try to be mindful of external factors, while keeping perspective on business realities (like revenues and profits).”

Advice for others: “Have a strong point of view on where the market is headed, but be willing to adapt as market realities change. Not all business germinates at the same rate, so stay focused, committed and enthusiastic about the entrepreneurial journey, no matter how long that may be.”

About the author: Kristen Mott

Kristen Mott is a senior at Cleveland State University studying Journalism and Promotional Communication and current editor-in-chief of The Cauldron, the student-run alternative newspaper on campus.

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