Closing the Gender Gap in Angel Investing with Angela Lee


Angela Lee, founder of 37Angels, a group that instructs women on how to be angel investors, among other things, certainly knows a thing or two about angel investing. In this video, she discusses companies that 37 Angels vetted in the past year (1800; they brought 45 into the network), and about her work with 37 Angels.

“It’s a three-week program that teaches women (and men) how to talk to startups, value companies, set term sheets. At the end, they invest in a company. She thinks of 37 Angels as a soft entry into the world of investing.

“No one knows what they’re doing when they get started,” Lee continued. “You learn by doing.”

She started the program as less than 20% of angel investors are women, and less than 10% of venture capitalists are women. Which may explain why less than 5% of VC funding goes to women-led companies.

What does she consider the most important criteria for angels to consider?

“Team, market, then product,” Lee said. “The product can pivot. The team and the market are not going to change.”

See the rest of Angela’s poignant insights in this video from our friends at Bloomberg at this link.

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