F# Launches an Ad that Can Carry a Tune


F# is a digital agency that has been connecting major brands to consumers through music, and one should never underestimate the power of music. F#, pronounced “F Sharp” after the music note, enables agencies, brands and record labels to build and deploy their own music-powered online ads using its now available F# Platform. F# ad experiences can be distributed on popular social platforms, including Spotify and Facebook, or anywhere on the web via the AdPlayer™, F#’s revolutionary music-playing ad unit. Today we hear from Dan Merritts, F# founder, who tells us about  AdPlayer™. On that note…



Tell us about the product that you are launching.

AdPlayer™ is an innovative new ad that plays music. For the first time, an IAB standard ad unit can play the songs consumers know and love, as well as new songs that they might be discovering for the first time.

AdPlayer™ puts campaign-specific music front and center, providing consumers with content that they already love, wherever they are.  On websites, AdPlayer™ plays right inside the ad—no need for downloads or link outs to other locations. Want to browse to another page? Users can pop out the AdPlayer™ to keep listening, and share it on Facebook where playback continues. AdPlayer™ can also be distributed through ad networks.

AdPlayer™ is available in two options:

Exclusive Music – Brands and labels can select the perfect rights-cleared songs – including exclusive songs not available anywhere else or an entire playlist – and feature them in the AdPlayer™.

Sponsored Radio – AdPlayer™ uses F# Music Intelligence to develop a sponsored, DMCA compliant radio with brand-targeted music. F# and its partners handle the music royalties, so brands can stay focused on integrating the AdPlayer™ into their campaigns.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

Online display advertising formats are expected to top nearly $18B in 2013. F# estimates that music-centered advertising accounts for nearly $1.5B and is expected to grow nearly by 42% next year, according to eMarketer.

F# fundamentally believes that the content within advertising matters. By programmatically coupling music with brands, F#’s AdPlayer™ allows brands to create a compelling and engaging ad product using the web’s most popular display ad unit (i.e., 300×250 MPU).

What is the business model?


Dan Merritts
Founder, F Sharp

AdPlayer™ is available at a CPM uplift. For the Exclusive Music, media sponsorships provide for revenue share with the artists themselves – giving artists and labels a new avenue to distribute music and earn additional revenue.

Are there any milestones that you plan to achieve within 6 months?

Today, we’re announcing the availability of the AdPlayer™. In the next six months, we are planning to have executed numerous ad campaign runs for some of the biggest brands in the world. To date, we’ve already worked with 40% of the Ad Age Top 100 Advertisers with our Connect ad products – that include the popular native Spotify ad experiences like the Crowdsourced Playlist and Music Analyzer.

Why did you choose NYC over other locations to launch your company?

NYC is the perfect mix of advertising, music and technology. There’s no place else in the world where these three industries come together like New York. We’re excited to be headquartered in the heart of Manhattan, and tap into all the amazing companies that are right in our backyard.


Image credit: CC by Piotr Hajduga

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