Levo League’s Resume App Puts Sheryl Sandberg in Your Back Pocket

Levo League’s Resume App Puts Sheryl Sandberg in Your Back Pocket


Any job hunter knows that the #1 rule is “Be Prepared”. And to always have a resume on you, too, of course. Levo League, the social startup designed to elevate young women in the workforce by providing the career resources needed to achieve personal and professional success, recently added one more must-have resource to their arsenal. Levo Resume app lets you create or alter your resume on the fly, on your mobile device, for those times when your tool set is just as important as your skill set. Today, Chief Product Officer, Sophia Chou joins us to fill us in on the details.


Tell us about the new app.

Levo Resumé, available for free for iOS, is Levo’s first mobile app. Levo Resumé takes the pain out of one of the most important tasks around the job search: creating your resumé. The app automatically creates a beautiful resumé by pulling your Levo or LinkedIn profile information. Users can also easily create different versions of resumés with a few clicks when on the go. For each version, users can write a custom personal statement, hide certain work history and education details, and select to display different skills. Finally, with one click, users can export their resumé as a PDF or email.

How is it different?

Levo Resumé is a mobile-first resumé builder that can be created, updated, accessed, and shared from your desktop, smartphone, and tablet. In addition to resumé building, the app also integrates career tips from career experts, recruiters, and industry leaders, curated by the Levo editorial team. The biggest differentiator is that our users are able to not only create resumés on their devices, but they can also attend several free LocalLevo resumé workshops that take place around the country. For instance, on the day of the app launch, we hosted a resumé workshop at Barnard College (at Columbia University) where attendees participated in a resumé-writing best practices session and watched a Resumé Do’s and Dont’s panel with recruiters and heads of talent from Barclay’s and startups like Bonobos. Levo provides the online tools and resources and the offline networking events and workshops to support our members in elevating their careers.

What inspired you to build it?

We were up for a challenge. We know that everyone needs a resumé at some point in their career, yet no one enjoys putting one together. Levo was determined to build an app that would liberate users from writing their resumé in Word, allowing them to create and edit their CVs on-the-go and have access to all of the versions of their resumé, as long as they have a mobile device with them.

Tell us about the resume support network.

We don’t just offer resumé-building functionality in the app. We also integrated career tips, curated by the Levo editorial team. In addition to the app, Levo offers a complete career solution: Levo Mentors (allowing our users to find and build a relationship with the right mentors), Levo Office Hours (live chats with industry experts and thought leaders like Warren Buffett and Sheryl Sandberg), and LocalLevo (purpose-driven offline networking events and skills workshops that equip our users with the right network and know-how to excel).

Tell us about some of the Levo League mentors.

Levo has an incredible community of mentors who are available to provide career support and guidance to our members. Some of our mentors have also appeared on Office Hours, which are 30-minute live chats where our mentors answer questions asked by our members. Our roster of mentors include leaders from across industries, including Warren Buffett, Sheryl Sandberg, Soledad O’Brien, Kate White, and Sallie Krawcheck

How large is the community and what’s the feedback been on the new app thus far?       

The app has received a great response, with 5-star ratings, press (ie, Fast Co, Refinery29), and lively discussions over social. We’re receiving many requests for Android, which will be launching soon.

Lastly, why did Levo League choose to call New York home?

We’re located right in the heart of New York’s “Silicon Alley,” and we constantly find the tech startup ecosystem here invigorating.

Check out some screenshots of the new app:



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