Productivity Increases in Co-Working Spaces


Ever have that feeling of not being able to concentrate on your work? Well, have you ever considered that it might be because of the environment in which you surround yourself? According to this infograph provided by KAP Design, more people have stated they have a better productive working experience in co-working spaces.

Most freelancers who can’t focus in their home environments go to their local coffee shop, but what some people do not understand is that there are just as many distractions in the coffee shop as there are in their own homes. The business score rate provided by this infographic for working in your home environment is a -10, and for the coffee shop, a -9. Most people who have started to use co-working desks and have scored them as a +10. There are 853 co-working spaces in North America and according to this infographic, 71% of co-workers report increased creativity, 64% have been able to hit deadlines, 68% have improved their focus, and 62% have improved their work. More people should realize that they could be working somewhere where they’ll have a better chance of getting their work done by having fewer distractions. So if you’re considering trading in your local coffee shop for a bona fide co-working space, the numbers for it improving your productivity seem to be in your favor.


About the author: Kristen Barbagallo

Kristen Barbagallo graduated Purchase College with a B.A. in Journalism, a concentration in English, and a desire to learn everything she could about someone’s story. She also like to write and maintains a blog covering independent coffee shops in her New York neighborhood!

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