SeedStart Demo Day: Enterprise May Not Be Cool, But It’s Hot

SeedStart Demo Day: Enterprise May Not Be Cool, But It’s Hot


It’s not often that an accelerator pivots, but SeedStart did just that, focusing on next-generation of enterprise (B2B) software and the consumerization of enterprise products. Their focus: make it easy, make it flexible, give it social capability. Oh, and on real-time data, which is the industry-wide holy grail du jour. For the past year or so, enterprise has moved up a few notches in the New York internet zeitgeist. Is it cool? Maybe it’s time that the focus shifts to what’s hot – or at least heating up. And let’s not overlook the fact that SeedStart Managing Director Owen Davis has long been ahead of the curve.

seedstartThe 7 enterprise-focused companies representing SeedStart’s latest graduation class:

Alluring Logic is a CRM tool that enables sales associates to sell my products by arming them with data on their customers and products. Think of it as data analytics literally at street level.

CaseRails was founded by two former lawyers who also happen to be engineers. Their focus: to dramatically improve legal document drafting efficiency and accuracy for large law firms through the CaseRails word processing and document management system.

NimbusBase. Baby’s got backend! Backend coding is time-consuming, costly and painful. NimbusBase is backend-as-a-service, “taking the big hairy backend and making it smooth,” by allowing developers to store and share their work in just minutes and concentrate on the stuff they like to do: building, designing and deploying. Their data can be stored and made accessible to them via Dropbox or Google Drive. The company offers both a free and a paid model.

Quandora is a Q & A de facto knowledge sharing platform for communicating with your team. It provides teams with a platform to ask questions, learn, and share knowledge, easily, naturally and intuitively. Q&A platforms are not only more direct and addressable: they’re the new search and a $5B-$6B market.

Hublished. Webinars are frustrating. Half the time people don’t know about them and wouldn’t it be nice if the process was turnkey and you wouldn’t have to go through IT to get it going (no offense to IT, but it’s a win-win for both sides of the equation)? Hublished is a content discovery platform that lets companies easily organize their webinars in a single place, integrate social features (including a twitter stream) to facilitate the conversation with attendees, and there’s one-click registration and calendar integration/automatic notifications to make it easy for everyone – and no IT department required. The platform also delivers analytics so that companies can see just how well their content performed. Current users include Fish & Richardson, Speek, Rutgers, Rally Point Webinars and Pam Ann Marketing. The founders received their first cash infusion into the company when they took NYU Professor and investor Lawrence Lenihan’s “Ready, Aim, Fire” Entrepreneurship class –and he ended up coming on board as their first investor. Bullseye!  AlleyWatch has covered this company before.

Vidaao is an online marketplace for video production and animation, designed for the enterprise. How big is video online? 17% of all internet traffic goes through YouTube. And Big Businesses are Big Spenders when it comes to video. Vidaao makes fast and easy for businesses to get cost-effective yet high quality video, price transparency and they put it all together – production, planning, and strategy – in a transparent and repeatable way. AlleyWatch has covered this company before.

PartPic Oh, yay! How many times have you needed a replacement part, and the part was so old/used, the part number was long gone? Well, PartPic is not only a visual search platform for replacement parts, starting with the enterprise/heavy equipment. They’re the only such platform and about time! Take a picture of the part, upload it to PartPic, and they do the rest, matching the part and facilitating the purchase. We did speak to co-founder Jewel Burks, who assured us that they are planning a consumer focus as well. Whew!  Damn plastic refrigerator shelves! The company just signed their first beta customer: National Building Supply (hey, it takes time to build a catalog like PartPic’s).

Again, were no public General Solicitations during the presentations, and Davis took the stage to conclude the festivities.

“We’re here at NYU, where graduation is referred to as ‘Commencement,’ Davis said, “because it’s a beginning.”

With the JOBS Act still new and people stepping cautiously, that it certainly – and for Demo Days, it’s a Brave New World.

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