An Angel In New York: Josh Abramson

An Angel In New York: Josh Abramson



While attending the University of Richmond, Josh Abramson had an idea—and unlike most freshmen in college with an idea—he acted on it.  In 1999, Abramson started CollegeHumor, a website compiled of funny videos tailored to males, ages 18-25, with his friend Ricky Van Heen.  They even branched off and had their own television series, The College Humor Show, on MTV in 2009.  Abramson served as executive producer and primarily worked on the business aspects of television series.

Aside from his success with CollegeHumor, which enabled him to become an angel investor and work on other Internet-based projects, he is also the founder of BustedTees, a website that sells t-shirts, and president and co-founder of Connected Ventures, the parent company of CollegeHumor Media, which consists of Big Shocker, Busted Tees, CollegeHumor, Defunker and Vimeo.  He was an original investor in Vimeo.

In August of 2006, InterActiveCorp (IAC), an American Internet company with over 50 brands spanning across 40 countries, acquired a 51% controlling interest in Connected Ventures.

A few years later, Abramson bought back BustedTees.com from IAC and became CEO of the company in May of 2011.  When BustedTees originated in 2004, the designs for the shirts were based off of ideas from Abramson and his friends.

Abramson currently resides in New York City.  When he is not working on his own original projects, you can find him mentoring with Tech Stars, a start-up accelerator that provides seed funding from over 75 top venture capital firms and angel investors.

Abramson’s advice to other young entrepreneurs: “No matter how much you study and learn in business school, you’re still going to be clueless for a while in the real world.”

Success isn’t going to happen overnight, but Abramson proves that with a good idea and a lot of ambition, anything is possible.


Connected Ventures

Selected Investments:


Sector Focus:

E-Commerce, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Internet, Fashion, Flash Sales, Hardware, Mass Customization, Mobile Commerce, Pets, Security, Specialty Foods, Subscription Businesses.





Expertise Areas:

Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Custom Retail, Subscription Business, Pet Care.

Blogs, Twitter & Websites:


Memorable Quotes:

On his love for working with online companies:  “I like the instant gratification of doing work online.  I can see within an hour or two how well something new is working, which still gets me excited.”

When addressing what students need to know:  “Students need to learn how to build websites—it’s probably the most coveted skill in New York City right now.  If you have the business and the technical savvy, you’ll be incredibly well positioned.”

When discussing his current direction:  “These days, I’m trying to take fewer meetings and focus on getting more real work done.”

On how CollegeHumor came to be:  “During my freshman year in the dorms, all anybody wanted to do was send each other funny pictures and videos on the Internet.  After a month or two in Moore Hall, it seemed like someone needed to figure out how to put all of these funny things into one place.”

His advice to other young entrepreneurs:  “No matter how much you study and learn in business school, you’re still going to be clueless for a while in the real world.”

About the author: Daniel Calzone

Daniel is a graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University with a major in Communications and a minor in Writing. While at the University, he created, published and edited content for the University’s website and newspaper. He was also the host of his own weekly radio show.

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