How New Technology Affects Sports Teams and Their Fans



Startup and established companies alike are focusing on new technology to affect not only sports teams but also their fans. For the most part, companies are looking to enhance the fan experience in the stadiums, online and on mobile devices. When fans have a better experience, they are more than likely going to support their teams – and be there when their teams need them.

No team wants to play to an empty stadium. Considering that the prices for game tickets are higher than ever, it’s hard to get people to buy the tickets, especially when the game isn’t expected to be the best of the season.

Technology is being integrated into many of the stadiums by both new and established companies. For example, in the Meadowlands Stadium, fans will be able to see live games throughout the venue. This means that they can watch the game they came to see from virtually anywhere in the stadium.  Additional information being streamed into the TVs around the stadium includes game Q&A, weather updates and trivia. This allows people to stay educated about the sports they love without missing the game.

Some companies are providing information about sports while others are focusing on the stadium itself. More companies are also developing new apps that enhance the overall experience at the stadium. People complain all the time about how long it takes to get a beer – and now there are apps that focus finding the shortest line for beer. When fans aren’t spending the time in line, they’re watching the game.

A fan can now get a mobile app that tells them where the nearest bathroom, beer stand, and hot dog outlet is in the stadium. This saves time because there’s no need to run all over the stadium – and the home run or the touchdown will never go unnoticed. This supports the sports teams and ensures that there is a lot of chatter about the game in social media afterward.

Fans want to feel as though they are being appreciated. They’re spending the money on tickets and concessions, so many companies are catering to the fans to ensure that they will continue to support the teams. The teams are also able to use technology to connect with their fans. They will ask about the game play, take interviews, and do much more throughout social media.

In sports like NASCAR, fans are even able to utilize an online vote to decide the paint scheme for one of the cars. When fans feel more involved, they will continue to go to the games, or rallies, and buy the tickets and the merchandise – which is always going to affect the sports team or competitors as a whole.

New technology is coming out all the time – and companies are tapping into such things as app development, wireless satellite streaming, mobile technology and more to enhance the experience of the live sports games.

Athletes, whether it is baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR or any other sport, need to feel the support of their fans. It’s what gives them the motivation to get out onto the field and play. The next time you go to a game, look at the technology to see how you can make the most of your time at the stadium and support your team. With that technology, the team is showing their appreciation, too.

Image credit: CC by Will Merydith

About the author: Sean Poynter

Sean Poynter is a former college athlete and freelance writer.  His work concentrates on the partnership between sports and technology.  He spends his free time researching the latest technology news and following his favorite sports teams.

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