The Twitter IPO: The Winners and the Winners

The Twitter IPO: The Winners and the Winners


After the debacle that ensued when Facebook first went public, the NYSE took every precaution to ensure that the Twitter (TWTR) IPO went smoothly. That may well be where the similarities end. Twitter enjoyed a rather spectacular first day of trading.  The stock went out at $26 and rose over 80% on its first day of trading. Of course, what goes up…

This infographic from EquityZen shows who were the million and billion dollar winners of the day. So, is TWTR a good stock to buy or short? As John Maynard Keynes once warned, “the markets can remain irrational far longer than you can remain solvent.”


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Twitter IPO: Series A investors return 300X (at $26/share)   Click to Tweet
Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey racked up over $600M from Twitter IPO Click to Tweet
Twitter’s biggest winner: Rizvi Traverse, $2B+ as trading opened Click to Tweet
USV with another nice return: $723,813,792 as $TWTR went public Click to Tweet
The Twitter IPO: Ev Williams raked in $1.4B+ on 140 Characters as trading opened Click to Tweet
#WhoWantsToBeABillionaire – the winners and winners from the Twitter IPO Click to Tweet

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