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After years of shaping the VoIP communications industry, Jeff Pulver, tech guru, angel investor and startup founder, is focusing on mobile.

Before his shift to the new medium, Pulver was one of the first developers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. VoIP grew widely popular as it delivered voice and video over networks like the Internet.

He founded the VON Coalition, an organization dedicated to the advancement and federally unregulated future of VoIP and other communication technologies, in 1996. The Coalition still serves as a worldwide advocate for emerging Internet technologies.

In keeping with the VON Coalition’s mission, Pulver was the chief writer of what is now referred to as the Pulver Order. The FCC adopted Pulver’s ideas and ruled that Internet Protocol (IP) communications was not considered a telecommunications service and therefore did operate under the same federal regulations.

In 1998, Pulver founded Min-X, which became the VoIP giant, Vonage, in 2001.

As an active angel investor, Pulver invests $10,000 to $50,000 in startups and tech companies. He’s helped fund over 34 companies, including Twitter and foursquare.

Recently, Pulver co-founded the mobile communications startup and app, Zula, with another VoIP veteran, Jacob Ner-David. The founders are confident the app will provide a better way for professional teams to collaborate on mobile by combining productivity and messaging app capabilities. The app launched this September in the App Store and will be available soon in Google Play.

Pulver is also an advisor to Brideside and HomeDine.

Selected Investments:

Adventure Mob
Bloom Studio
Saverr Mobile
Sense of Fashion
Serendip Media
Skills & Knowledge
Stevie – Your friends on TV

Expertise areas:

VoIP, communication technologies, mobile communication platforms, mobile messaging apps

Blog, Twitter & Websites:


Memorable Quotes

On the vision of Zula and Pulver’s business relationship with Jacob Ner-David: “Jacob Ner-David and I, we have experience in revolutionizing communications. We embrace it, and we’re bringing it forward to create positive change.”

On his new Zula professional mobile communications app: “Zula is the platform we believe is going to revolutionize business communications. In the last 20 years, the Internet’s changed the way the world works, including the way we do business. There’s an entire generation growing up that only know instant messaging and texting. What we’ve done is created a platform for people entering the workforce that works that way they think.”

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