A New York VC Spotlight: Shana Fisher



As the cofounder of High Line Venture Partners, Managing Partner Shana Fisher brings over a decade of investing experience, as well as a shrewd eye for successful business ventures, to the world of angel investments.  Most notably, Fisher put herself on the map by investing in Pinterest in January of 2010—just one month after development of the site had begun.

After earning her BA in sculpture, philosophy and linguistics from Hampshire College and her MA through NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Fisher became a program manager for Microsoft.  She eventually moved on to serve as vice president and director of media and technology, mergers and acquisition, and corporate finance for Allen & Company, LLC.

Starting in December of 2003, Fisher began her career with IAC as senior vice president of business operations.  During her seven years at IAC, Fisher also held the position of senior vice president of strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions.  One of her most notable accomplishments while at IAC was her prominent role in the acquisition of AskJeeves.com for nearly $2 billion in 2005.

Fisher then left IAC to start her own investment firm, High Line Venture Partners, which focuses on early-stage investments.  Some of its important investments in 2012 include Tubular Labs, Twice, LayerVault, Crowdtilt, Aereo, Custora and Stackpop.  Fisher is also the director of the board for BeBusy.com.

VC Firm:

Managing Partner at High Line Venture Partners (Founded in 2012)

Sector Focus:

B2B, Big Data, Cloud Management, Cloud-Based Music, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Internet, Crowdfunding, E-Commerce, Education, Email, Enterprise Software, Fashion, Mobile, Photo Editing, Photography, SaaS, Social Commerce, Social Media.

Selected Investments:

Incident Technologies
Fashion GPS



Expertise Areas:

Mergers & Acquisitions, Crowdfunding, Strategic Planning, Media, Technology, Corporate Finance.

Blogs, Twitter & Websites:


Memorable Quotes:

Giving advice to Shop Hers, a designer fashion marketplace site:  “To succeed [in this space], you have to do something very different than eBay.  You have to be different than Linda’s Stuff.”

Giving advice to Lolly Wolly Doodle founder, Brandi Temple:  “On the first call, I told her, ‘You’re not selling; we’re going to do this together.’”

About the author: Lisa Seylar

Lisa Seylar is a recent graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She is passionate about writing and editing, and she is excited to be currently interning with AlleyWatch to jumpstart her career in copyediting.

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