Could You Be a Mac Abuser?


mac abuser

Ever heard the saying that how you treat others reflects how you treat yourself? Well, it turns out this applies not only to people, but also your computer.

Chances are that you are doing at least one of these abusive things to your computer, and most likely, to yourself as well.

Here are five common ways you may be abusing your computer:

1. Never restarting
What? These machines can’t go just go and go and go?

Nope! Like you, every now and again your computer needs to reset and reboot. Recommendations vary, but many tech support guides say that you should try to turn your computer off every night if for no other reason than to save on your electricity bill.

The good news is that, unlike you, your computer doesn’t need 8 hours of shut eye. But it does need a few minutes at least a few times a week.

2. A million tabs! I have so much to do!
As I am writing this, I am looking up at my browser bar in horror. I think I have 20 tabs open. Are they all really necessary right this second?

Most of the tabs are for small projects that I started and haven’t finished but want to get back to. And frankly, a good chunk of my time is wasted hopping between the tabs remembering all the unfinished tasks.

How many tabs is too many? Well, for your computer, about five. After that you are asking your web browser to simultaneously run JavaScript in too many places, and you will see it slow waaaay down.

But the bigger question is: how many responsibilities is too many? We all take on too much and never leave time to just be. You are so busy! But are you? Really are you?

3. “Update later”
Unfortunately, Apple is totally enabling our bad behavior with their “update later” option.

Do you always shove aside your system updates to later, maybe in the same way you’re putting off personal maintenance? “I’ll start working out NEXT week! I will start eating healthy, tomorrow.”

The way I like to think about it is this: make the first step really small and manageable. Update ONE piece of software today. And then take 10 minutes to do some yoga. Heck! Do the yoga while you update. Sometimes it IS possible to multitask.

Look, no, ten minutes a day won’t turn you into a yoga bunny (at least not overnight), but ten is a whole lot better than nothing!

4. Who cleans and organizes?
As in real life, so in digital life.

Right now, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 files on my desktop. And another set of “clean up” folders where I have stuffed random files when I needed to do a quick desktop clean up.

Sustainable? I don’t think so.

And unsurprisingly, when I look at my real-world desktop, it basically looks the same.

I’ve owned my own home for over 2 years now, and I still have half a dozen boxes of random “stuff”. The hallway closet is a disaster, and my clothes closet could use some serious editing.

My point is, it’s important to declutter and simplify your life, including your computer – it’s key for focus, stability and overall happiness of your machine, I mean, life.

5. Neutral? What does THAT even look like?
The Japanese, who are famous for their organizational capacity, have a wonderful saying called “clear to neutral.”

The idea is that we often procrastinate because we have created too many obstacles for getting started. For example, how easy is it to make dinner when your sink is full of dishes?

Tonight, when you finish working, rather than leaving everything up, close down all of your applications.

Then, when you start work on Monday you will start with a fresh slate.

What other ways do you find yourself mistreating your computer? And what have you done to combat your bad behavior? Tell us in the comments!

Reprinted with permission.

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