Launched in the Alley: Fiverr Goes Mobile


You know Fiverr, the world’s largest marketplace, where you can find the services you need for a fiver or more. Now they’re going mobile, with an app that’s launching in the app store today, so that you can now have millions of talented people and millions of amazing service, right in your back pocket. Fiverr Co-Founder Micha Kaufman tells AlleyWatch all about it.


Tell us about the product.

Simply put, the Fiverr app for iPhone puts over 3 million amazing Gigs, or services, in your pocket. We crafted a visually stunning UI that allows users to search our global marketplace quickly to find exactly what they’re looking for. Communication is seamless, and purchasing a Gig is incredibly fast, simple and fun.

How is it different from your web-based service?

We created an app that’s not just a remake of web-based Fiverr.  The Fiverr app makes the best use of iPhone’s unique interactive capabilities and UI, for a whole new level of discovery and engagement. We built the Fiverr app so that users could experience instant gratification and get what they need–anytime, anywhere.

In terms of functionality, after downloading the app, users can login, scroll through an easy to navigate home screen that highlights Gigs, and search through 120 product and service categories. Fiverr mobile incorporates a level of discovery for buyers to filter and preview how sellers can best fulfill a creative service or business need. Finally, the mobile app streamlines the connection and workload between mobile and web, ensuring seamless communication between buyers and sellers.

What suddenly inspired your launching an app?

Mobile didn’t suddenly happen. At Fiverr, like in other consumer web companies, mobile is increasingly becoming equal in size, if not bigger than web. We’ve seen this happening as well. Once we completed the redesign of the marketplace this past June, we were ready to introduce a mobile vision that ensured our website is available on mobile devices. The Fiverr iPhone application represents our commitment to making mobile one of our biggest areas of focus in 2014. Our users can expect additional innovations for iOS and Fiverr for Android, which we’ll be launching  a version of soon.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

Fiverr represents an incredible opportunity for both ends – consumers who are seeking to offload tasks, as well as businesses in need of services in over a hundred different categories. Fiverr is similar to eBay and Amazon in that it is very broad in scope. Rather than focus on specific niches, we can provide a vast array of services to our customers and become their one-stop shop for their entire needs.

In terms of the mobile market, we’re a culture that’s always on the go and this is a trend that will only continue to grow. For example, on Cyber Monday, one in three purchases was on mobile devices, with Apple accounting for 80 percent of mobile sales, according to Custora Pulse. Estimates in the Gig Economy space talk about a market that is over $1 Billion per year and that it will be a multi-billion dollar opportunity in 2-4 years.

What is the business model?

Fiverr takes a fee from the successful transactions. This means that trust and safety are super important to us. A strong user protection policy ensures that people can conduct transactions in a safe business environment.  We have a vested interest in a creating a thriving marketplace for all parties.

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within 6 months?

We think that with our investment in mobile, we can double our mobile usage in 6 months.

What inspired Fiverr in the first place?

When Fiverr was still just an idea, we looked at some of the more traditional freelancing models. We saw broken and outdated models that were full of friction, requiring people to invest their entire time in managing projects with freelancers that compete with each other to provide the cheapest price, rather than providing customers with the best service by the most talented.

We realized that the demands of the market called for change:  a simpler, more intuitive and fun approach, where talent around the world is only a click away. We launched Fiverr in 2010 with a mission to fix what was broken and make freelancing possible for everyone with a skill.  Fiverr is one of the only freelance marketplaces that is truly global, with an emphasis on individual talent and creativity.

Why did you decide to set up shop in New York?

NYC is a great place. It is full of extremely talented people, great culture and vibe and a growing community of consumer web companies that are absolutely killing it.

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