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There’s no doubt about it that New York is an advertising town, so it’s no wonder that, although their head office is in Ireland, Media Trawler, a global advertising platform that easily allows real-time bidding across all media formats, would quickly establish a foothold in New York, one of the undisputed advertising capitals of the world. Ann Cavanaugh, the company’s US Director of Business Development, gives AlleyWatch the big picture.

mthomeTell us about the service.

Mediatrawler is an advertising marketplace. Our ambition is to create a global platform enabling advertisers buy and bid for all media formats. By combining our advertising search engine with an integrated payment gateway and booking system we enable a huge increase in market transparency, speed of access and efficiency for the advertiser.

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Ann Cavanaugh

Unlike ad networks or other companies entering this market, we don’t specifically target just one type of media.  Our publishers are everyone and everything from radio stations to local newspapers, to event sponsorship to mobile advertising.  We also focus on addressing an underserved advertising market by providing a platform for advertising opportunities that previously may have been hard to find. We are hyper focused when it comes to businesses targeting their audience, and we understand the importance of providing good quality, measured statistics on ad performance.  Buyers can significantly reduce the time and resources they put into researching marketing and advertising opportunities, and can place ads in a matter of minutes. We offer 24/7 access to the best rates available at any time so that publishers can now make sales outside of their local office hours. What market are you attacking and how big is it? Of course the entire industry is huge. Nielsen reported last year that the entire industry spend was $557billion. Our market is the in-house advertising buyers, and according to an ANA survey, in-house buying shot up from 42% in 2008 to 58% in 2013. We see an increase in the buying process being performed in-house. The adtech space is very hot. Where do you see it going over the next few years? We use the internet and technology every day to make our lives easier. We order food online, we book flights and hotels online, we use text and email to communicate more efficiently. Why shouldn’t this be applied to the advertising market? Ad Networks and Exchanges have been around for years and although the technology changes, the focus mainly stays on digital. In a world where people want things now, we believe that this age old industry will have to embrace the fact that technology is going to change the way that ads are bought and sold, and something needs to change to make the process more efficient and put the focus back on creativity.  We have developed a platform that provides the facts and figures of ad buying so that peoples’ time is freed up to focus on ad and product creation. What is the Mediatrawler business model? We provide a freemium model for users. We generate revenue based on a  percentage of advertising bought through the platform. Next year we will be introducing listing fees for advertising owners who sign up to become partners. Why is your team the right one to get the job done? Our team is built not only on a strong foundation of experience but also trust. Collectively our objective isn’t about making money it’s about creating something that is going to change an industry that has been around forever. A platform that ultimately will enable businesses get the most from their advertising dollar and create an opportunity for them to focus their attentions elsewhere in their business. Mediatrawler is built on top of a tech company, we know how to bootstrap the business and reduce risks when it comes to execution. What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within 6 months? We plan to do a soft launch in NYC in January 2014. At present, we are inviting users to gain early access to the platform. In the next six months, our main goals are to focus on increasing our user base and to gain market share in New York City, when it comes to automated media buying. If you could speak with one investor in the New York community, who would it be and why? Gary Vaynerchuk. Aside from being one of our idols, Gary has major respect and clout in the industry.  Also, considering the nature of his businesses, knowledge of execution when it comes to the tech scene and his creative and strategic mind, his involvement alone would probably be worth much more than any sum of investment. Why are/did you launching/launch in New York? Our head office is in Ireland, therefore, we did a soft launch in Ireland early this year (2013). The launch was really just a testing ground to see the uptake from publishers on Mediatrawler as a concept, and how users engage with the platform. The biggest difference between Ireland and New York is the size of the market, the entire advertising market in Ireland only being approx. $1 billion per year. Also, considering that New York is pretty much the epicenter of advertising, what better place to launch an advertising platform? We will be putting v2 live in NYC early in the New Year.


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