Startup Genome: How the World’s Top Tech Hubs Stack Up


In 2011, three young entrepreneurs started the Startup Genome, a project that takes a comprehensive look into what makes a startup successful, and what entrepreneurs should shy away from. They compiled this information into a report as a tool for such entrepreneurs, which is available online. However, one facet of the report, an analysis comparing statistics for startups between Silicon Valley, New York and London, is depicted in the infographic titled “Startup Genome: How The World’s Top Tech Hubs Stack Up.” The infographic breaks it down by category, comparing the size of Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem to London’s and New York’s; comparing the success rate; the availability of capital; the product types; the market type and the founders’ education background. From this infographic, it seems that Silicon Valley is the place to be if you’re an entrepreneur, especially if your start up relates to gaming, social networking or infrastructure. Though the infographic is very pro-Silicon Valley, it offers pertinent information about New York and London that may be very helpful to entrepreneurs who don’t have an interest in the niche markets offered in Silicon Valley.  


About the author: Cassandra Baim

Cassandra Baim is a recent graduate of Syracuse University, now living in Brooklyn, NY. While earning her degree in English, she worked on the editorial staff of a campus magazine and participated in two shows with the university’s radio station. She is a copyediting intern for AlleyWatch and enjoys music, books, crossword puzzles and a strong cup of coffee.

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