The Guide to NYC Tech 2.0

The Guide to NYC Tech 2.0


At Lerer Ventures, I created the first version of The Guide to NYC Tech after dozens of people asked me the same dozen questions, over and over. What are the best co-working spaces? Which lawyer should I hire? Where are good places to take a meeting? Who are the key investors to know? How do I find out about cool events?

As much as I enjoy helping people one-on-one, I find it far more satisfying when I’m able to develop and share a resource that can be enjoyed by all New Yorkers and those in other tech communities interested in our ecosystem.

Eighteen months after publishing V1, and just four months into my role at RRE Ventures, I’m pleased to present The Guide to NYC Tech 2.0. Yes, it’s a guide to NYC Tech; and yes, it’s a bit of a love letter as well. But, I’ll say this: NYC is better poised now than ever before to make a global impact through entrepreneurship and innovation.

The goal of this guide is to raise awareness of the NYC tech ecosystem and help newcomers (and veterans) navigate the ever-changing landscape. Additionally, I hope it inspires everyone to give back to his or her own tech communities on a weekly basis.

Feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to email me at schlaf55@gmail.com and I’ll try my best to incorporate your suggestions.

About the author: Steve Schlafman

Steve is a Principal at RRE Ventures, focused on early stage investments in mobile services, hardware, and marketplaces. Prior to joining RRE, Steve was a Principal at Lerer Ventures, one of NYC’s most active seed funds. Steve was previously VP of Business Development at Stickybits Inc. /Turntable.fm and Director of Venture Investments at The Kraft Group, a diversified holding company focused on sports & entertainment, paper & packaging, real estate development, and private equity.

Steve started his career at Massive Inc. and Microsoft in a variety of Business Development, Strategy and Corporate Finance roles. He regularly teaches at GA and Skillshare, and has guest lectured at Columbia Business School, Wharton, and Harvard Business School. Steve graduated with highest honors from Northeastern University.

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