What Happens in an Internet Minute? (Infographic)


What can you do in 60 seconds? If you are in front of a computer screen, the answer is – a lot. In 2013, the Internet is more popular than ever before. On average, people spend a record setting 3 hours and 7 minutes a day using it. With more and more of our lives being geared toward the Internet, the traffic has grown astronomically..

Qmee’s infographic aims to show you just what can happen in a short amount of time by presenting astounding statistics from cyberspace’s major players. For example, Twitter is cranking out 278,000 tweets every minute! The Internet is an ever-evolving entity that is moving at a lighting-quick pace. More and more people are using it, and a plethora of new content is rapidly emerging. This infographic slows it all down for us, and offers a glimpse into just how much is happening every 60 seconds.


About the author: Daniel Calzone

Daniel is a graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University with a major in Communications and a minor in Writing. While at the University, he created, published and edited content for the University’s website and newspaper. He was also the host of his own weekly radio show.

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