How Email Etiquette Can Help You Keep Your Customers


One of the most common forms of social media that is used to get in touch with clients is email. Most companies use email to obtain subscribers for their products, but sometimes the subscribers unsubscribe to the emails. What more companies need to know about is email etiquette, which could help in making the subscribers want more emails about the product they are receiving.

Skadeedle’s infographic explains why email subscribers unsubscribe. About 91% of consumers have unsubscribed to emails due to the increasing amount of emails they get per month. The advice based on the infographic is to set expectations and tell people what they will get in return to subscribing to the email. Also, do send messages consistently rather than change how many times you send them, without first notifying your subscribers. Make sure that the content is fresh and new and not repetitive. 75% of clients find their email contents to be irrelevant, repetitious and boring. Also, if subscribers are unsubscribing by deleting the email or considering it spam, make sure that you don’t mail them: ask subscribers why they have unsubscribed to your emails, abide by CAN-SPAM and test on a frequent basis to see what works best for your recipients.  Checking out this infographic can really help explain how to become better at email etiquette, and may well help to bring down your ‘unsubscribe’ rate.


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