What are the Odds that Your Startup Will Receive Funding From an Angel Investor?

What are the Odds that Your Startup Will Receive Funding From an Angel Investor?


Just what exactly are the chances of your startup getting noticed, and more importantly, receiving funding from an angel investor? OneLeap has put together this infographic to help visualize what the chances are. The news might not be the best, as there might only be a passable chance at being considered for funding. The truth is, the vast majority of those who apply will not end up being on the receiving end of funding.Here’s a look at what the data is telling us:


Interesting Tweetable Tidbits:

Only 3% of entrepreneurs who pitch to investors will receive funding Tweet this An anomalous trend shows that for a certain segment, more interest = less investors  Tweet this 76% of ventures that receive funding are still alive after four years Tweet this Only 56% of ventures that don’t get funding are alive four years after pitching to investors  Tweet this Ventures that receive funding have 3 times as many employees after four years Tweet this On average, angels can expect a more than double return on their investments Tweet this Of every 100 entrepreneurs who pitch to angels, only 0.6 return on the investment Tweet this Of every 100 entrepreneurs that pitch to angels, one-third will make it to screening Tweet this

About the author: Sam Becker

Sam Becker is a native of the Pacific Northwest and a graduate of Washington State University. He has spent time working in radio stations, video production companies, marketing firms, and is currently an SEO specialist and freelance writer and reporter. He spends his time sipping coffee and writing on his balcony near downtown Seattle.

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