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The January 2014 New York and US Venture Capital & Angel Funding Report

AlleyWatch January 2014 New York  _total.002

Key Takeaways:

There was a big uptick in the average angel round nationwide from 2013 averages, however in New York things remained relatively steady. We’ll monitor this as the year progresses.

NYC accounted for 14% of total deals which is on par with 2013 historical averages.

For your tweeting convenience:

Average Angel round in NYC for January was $460k   Tweet this
Average Angel round in the US for January was $547k   Tweet this

About the author: Reza Chowdhury

Reza Chowdhury, a serial entrepreneur, offers more than 15 years experience in emerging technology.  He is currently the founder and CEO of AlleyWatch, the largest entity focused on the advancement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in New York.   Reza is also the founder of New York Startup Lab,which brings technology and knowledge-based solutions to the entrepreneurial community, with a specific focus on early stage companies.

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