Sprinklr Acquires the Dachis Group, Becoming the World’s Largest Independent Enterprise Social Relationship Platform


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Sprinklr, the leading provider of native, fully integrated Social Relationship Infrastructure, announced that it has acquired Austin, Texas-based Dachis Group, the leader in social and brand analytics, creating the world’s largest independent enterprise social relationship platform.

All told, the two companies have raised over $95M in venture capital, and considering that Dachis Group founder Jeff Dachis founded his first startup – Razorfish – right here in the city, it’s great to see two, um, New Yorkers working together.

Sprinklr founder Ragy Thomas talks to AlleyWatch about what’s ahead for the new expanded company.

What was the acquisition process like?


Ragy Thomas
Founder and CEO

The entire process was client driven. The two companies share a number of clients, and time and again we saw there was a need to integrate the two solutions to serve them better. Brands and their agencies need an end-to-end social relationship platform, and we are now the largest independent one in the marketplace.

What factors about your business led Sprinklr to consider the acquisition?

The two businesses are just perfectly complementary. This acquisition accelerates the Sprinklr product roadmap by more than 12 months by adding brand analytics, content optimization, and employee advocacy to the platform Forrester called “the most powerful social technology in the market.”

What advice can you offer companies in New York that are building their businesses?

Focus on your clients first. Client value and happiness is the one true north for Sprinklr that we use to make every important decision.

What are your next steps?

We will be fully integrating the entire Dachis Group services and software offering over the next 90 days. Looks for a 100% natively integrated suite of software and services in just three short months.

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