The Fundamentals of Pitching to Investors


If you plan on making a pitch to an investor, it is critical that you do not forget the fundamentals when making that first impression. Brian Wilkins of Entrepreneur.com created a visual that can help teach these fundamentals, and provide the advice necessary to find success when pitching to investors.

You need to arrive mentally prepared. You need to know your business, market and competition through and through. It should be second nature for you to explain what your business solves and how it benefits your customers. Investors want to hear that your business is already attracting interest and drawing in customers. Show up with an example and be able to talk about customers that you already have.

Also, be mentally prepared to answer the investor’s questions. You cannot rely on your presentation alone. It is also imperative that you physically present yourself like the professional that you know you are. Come forward with a solid handshake, not too sweaty or too dry, and not too limp or too firm, lasting about two to three seconds. And dress to meet the standard of your audience. Do not overdress and do not underdress. Fist impressions are big. This is how investors will remember you, so make the first meeting count.

The Fundamentals of Pitching to Investors Infographic DK

About the author: Dan Kauffman

Dan Kauffman recently graduated from Rutgers University in NJ with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies. Dan is now pursuing a career in the journalism field.

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