The Top 5 Angel Investors of 2013

The Top 5 Angel Investors of 2013


The new infographic from Fundable and Empact shows us the faces behind the top 5 angel investors of 2013. Aydin Senkut, a senior manager at Google, funds about 12 to 15 startups a year; some of his more famous investments include Shopify and Disqus. David Lee, founder and managing partner of SV Angel, has been involved in over 100 startups, including Twitter and Foursquare. Ron Conway, also a partner of SV Angel, has helped over 200 companies in startup mode with a talent for recognizing potential; some of these well-known companies include Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Zappos. Dave McClure, a founding partner of 500 Startups, makes about 125 investments per year; some notable companies include Bitly and WePay. And finally, Esther Dyson is a New York based investor who has been involved in close to 80 new companies, including Evernote and Flickr.

Let’s take a look at the infographic to learn more about these 5 successful investors.

top5 angel investors copy


The top 5 angel investors of 2013 are Aydin Senkut, David Lee, Ron Conway, Dave McClure and Esther Dyson Tweet this
Aydin Senkut has seen 46 of the startups he’s funded be acquired by big name companies like Google and Facebook Tweet this
Dave McClure made 125 investments in 2013 Tweet this
NYC’s own Esther Dyson is one of the top 5 angel investors in 2013 Tweet this


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