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The Top Sources of Startup Funding

The Top Sources of Startup Funding

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Startups.co’s latest infographic presents the top sources of funding for startups today, some of which may surprise you. For example, the overwhelming majority of funding comes from the entrepreneurs’ personal savings and credit themselves – a whopping 57%! Read more here to see how much funding you can expect to receive from banks, investors and personal contacts, as well as from crowdfunding, currently the fasting-growing source of funding!

top sources of funding

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565,000 startups are launched each month in the United States Tweet this
38% of startups are funded by friends and family Tweet this
Friends and family invest the most in startups – over $60BB per year Tweet this
57% of a startup’s funding comes from personal savings and credit Tweet this
Angel Investors write 16x more checks than VC’s, investing in over 61,900 companies per year Tweet this
There are 462 active VC’s making 3,700 investments per year Tweet this
VC’s write the biggest checks with an average investment size of $2.6MM to seed stage companies Tweet this

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About the author: Vanessa Trawicky

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  • Dr.PhilG

    I’m leery of the Venture Capital numbers in this info graphic especially in relation to whether they actually put this amount of money into startups, depending on how you define startups. Scott Shane, Case Western, in his book Illusions of Eship, notes in past years that the average startup takes on $10-25,000 in capital.

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