How Silicon Valley Discriminates Against Older Workers… To its Own Peril



Is Silicon Valley shortchanging its most experienced, and perhaps most valuable, workers?

An article published in the New Republic details the complaints of “older” workers (think 35) in the hub of American innovation. Programmers and engineers with decades of experience say they have a near-impossible time getting the attention of VC funds after they pass their mid-thirties.

The danger, says author Noam Sheiber, is that those who fund Silicon Valley startups will increasingly value youth, glitz and poorly-thought-out products over emerging companies with real potential value…that just happen to be run by middle-aged workers.

The article is lengthy, but worth reading for anyone who is (or someday expects to be) over the age of 35.

Reprinted by permission.

Image credit: CC by Intel Free Press

About the author: CNBC

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