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The 9 Hottest Connected Devices Startups in NYC That You Need To Know About from R/GA Techstars Demo Day

Alvio by Qol

Asthma, the most common chronic disease affecting Americans, can be reduced 86% through proper tracking and breathing training. Through something like, say, Respii, the first and only mobile-connected respiratory training and therapy device. Respii engages users, including bronchitis and emphysema sufferers, through a rich interactive mobile and social experience, helping to them practice more often and for longer stretches, by making the process more engaging. This means athletes can gain longer endurance when they run, swim and cycle, chronic respiratory patients can gain more control over symptoms, and post-operative patients can recover more quickly and avoid readmission. It looks like a game, so it’ll encourage kids to do their breathing exercises. Analytics and reporting included. The company announced a clinical study with Albert Einstein/Montefiore Hospital and if all goes well, they’ll be well on their way to helping millions to breathe easier.

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