Who Invest More – Angels or VCs?


With any startup company, finding investors is a major factor. Every year 20 million Americans are involved in starting or growing a young business. Many of these entrepreneurs seek capital from investors – either Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists. Angels in the US invest a total of about $20 billion a year in around 60,000 businesses. Venture Capitalists invest about $30 billion a year in about 4,000 businesses. The following infographic by Management Paradise gives a greater look on the differences between Angel investors and Venture Capitalists.

angel vs venture

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US Angels invest a total of about $20B a year in around 60k businesses Tweet this
Venture Capitalists invest about $30B a year in about 4k businesses. Tweet this
The combined market size of Angel and Venture investments equal about $50B. Tweet this
Average angel investor – annual income: $90K; net worth: $750K; invests $37K per venture Tweet this
Angels invest in 15x more companies than do VCs Tweet this

About the author: Christopher Quiles

Christopher Quiles is a recent graduate from Lehman College. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Multimedia Journalism.

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