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Michael Beller has been entrepreneurial for over 20 years – and knows a thing or two about how to grow a business. His skills range from managing operations to e-commerce planning and implementation. His investments are primarily focused on medical, including things like SOLS Systems, a company focused on insoles; Savara, a pharmaceutical company; and Freedom Meditech, a company focused on “free and healthy” alternatives to existing diagnostic tools for the detection, monitoring and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. He has also invested in other areas of tech, including in Augmate, a company that builds apps for digital eyewear, and Stray Boots, an app that puts a spin on traditional sightseeing.

He is currently a Managing Partner at Lightship Partners LLC.

Beller received his Bachelors of Science degree in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from the Cornell University College of Engineering, where he is also a member of the Entrepreneurship@Cornell Advisory Council.

Sector Focus:

Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software

Selected Investments:

SOLS Systems
ARC Angel Fund
Stray Boots
Human Demand
Freedom Meditech
Frolick Pet

Expertise Areas:

Operational Management, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurial Leadership

Websites and Social Media

Personal Website

Memorable Quotes

On moving forward: “Small steps lead to big accomplishments. I like brainstorming about the future and strategy but, when it comes time to execute, you often need to move in small steps.  I’ve seen far too many large initiatives go astray because their goals were too lofty and the associated costs and timeframes created their own risks. I’ve also led some amazing large successful initiatives but these initiatives require extra attention and risk management.”

On Ideas: “I also like to say that a good idea with no execution is like no idea at all.  I’ve never seen an environment with a lack of ideas – but I’ve seen many environments with no follow-through on ideas. There is no substitute for hard work and follow-through.  It doesn’t have to be the biggest accomplishment (i.e., you can’t boil the ocean) but it’s important to always move forward!”

About the author: Christopher Quiles

Christopher Quiles is a recent graduate from Lehman College. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Multimedia Journalism.

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