IP Primer for Startups


Let me guess: You have an idea for a startup. It’s an awesome plan for a lightweight, agile SaaS killer app that could scale to 1 million users in 6 months. Or maybe it’s some fancy new spring-loaded, arduino-infused wearable that’ll be more ubiquitous than the iPhone.

Either way let me also hazard a guess that you’re worried about someone taking your idea and running with it, so you feel like you need some intellectual property protection.

You’re probably right.

This infographic provides a quick and dirty primer for what kinds of IP protection are out there, and what might be right to protect your ideas and brand, especially as you get ready to bring it to market.


Adam is a NYC-based attorney who advises startups and entrepreneurs. His area of focus includes protecting intellectual property, corporate and compliance law, strategic transactions and business development. More of Adam’s writing can be found on his website.


About the author: Adam Masser

Adam L. Masser is a business lawyer specializing in Private Equity and M&A transactions with a background in network infrastructure and software development. He is passionate about technology and its ability to enable creative destruction to generate new business opportunities.

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