FlyCleaners: The NYC Startup That Disrupts Laundry Day


Let’s face it: we don’t live in a 9 to 5 world, and unfortunately, the world always doesn’t work on our schedule, either. Well, check on more solution off the list…

FlyCleaners is an on-demand laundry service that you summon via app and they’ll pickup and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning any time between 6:00 AM and midnight, 7 days a week. Co-founder Seth Berkowitz comes clean with the details.


Tell us about the service.

FlyCleaners is a mobile app that provides free on-demand pick-up and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning to your door. FlyCleaners is available 6 a.m.-midnight, 7 days a week, and provides overnight laundry service. We’ll pick up your laundry before 11 p.m. it will be available the next day after 7 a.m. FlyCleaners makes laundry so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed.

How is it different?

While there are other laundry and dry cleaning delivery services, no others have on-demand, or “instant,” service from 6 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week. With one tap on your mobile app, we’ll come straight to your door. We’re available when you’re available.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

FlyCleaners aims to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar laundry and dry cleaning industry.

What is the business model?

As for our business model, the premise is to decrease overhead by making a storefront into a truck and increase coverage area, made possible by making mobile operations. This model works best by leveraging technology. Not only does this allow us to expand margins, with which we can pass on cost savings and extra service to our clients, but also provides the most convenient way to do laundry.

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within 6 months?

Within the next 6 months, FlyCleaners plans on a large expansion to service additional neighborhoods in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area.

If you could be put in touch with one investor in the New York community who would it be and why?

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures. Union Square Ventures has many portfolio companies with which FlyCleaners could be very symbiotic. Fred Wilson is a legend in venture capital community and he is in a class by himself on Twitter.

Please share some insights that you have picked up thus far about the New York dry cleaning market. Any unusual requests?

One of the more unusual requests we have received (and from multiple people) is that many people do not want to wash their socks with their other clothes. When we’ve inquired about it further we have discovered that some people feel that their socks are “contaminated” and should not be mixed with their other clothes.

Where is the best cheesecake in New York?

My mom’s.

Why are you launching in New York?

New York is a city full of people with busy, thriving lives. New Yorkers are smart, dynamic and changing the world, so they have more important priorities than doing laundry. We are finding that our customers value the time savings and convenience, and somewhat surprisingly, they really value the on-the-ground team. We are often complimented about how friendly and nice our drivers and customer service professionals are. When they need help, we’re there.


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