Stanford in the Alley: An Overview of Technology Entrepreneurship


There’s a lot of talk about Silicon Valley vs Silicon Alley. Let’s be honest: New York startups head west for the Silicon Valley investors. Silicon Valley companies open offices here for the access to the wealth of established industries that only New York offers. As for the rivalry: enough already, although one thing that the Valley does have that the Alley doesn’t is Stanford University. In a new spirit of collaboration, AlleyWatch is bringing Stanford east, with a series of videos from classes taught at the esteemed university. Today we cover Engineering 145: Technology Entrepreneurship, An Overview.

Mac & Cheese, PB & J and Technology & Entrepreneurship All things have their perfect match, which is what makes this series so effective. Chuck Eesley, Technology and Entrepreneurship course professor at Stanford University has a background in both technology and entrepreneurship. Professor Eesley himself is now introducing his class, which combines the scientific method with practical startup experience, in video form.

Since this class is taught at the engineering college and with a focus on entrepreneurship, it offers a unique combination of both theory and practice. In this session, you will learn to create and verify a business plan and model to potentially create an impressive commercial opportunity for your startup and learn how to turn the problems you’re solving into opportunities.

Technology Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth, creating over three million new jobs annually. Your tech startup could be revolutionary or evolutionary. The only way to know is to research, plan and, finally, do. And take notes, of course.

About the author: Kasey Shores

Kasey Shores is a sophomore studying Journalism and Political Science at the University of Arizona. She is a columnist for the Arizona Daily Wildcat and in her free time a freelance poet. Along with her writing she enjoys playing the violin and banjo and drinking as much coffee as humanly possible.

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