The March 2014 New York and US Venture Capital & Angel Funding Report

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AlleyWatch March 2014 New York and US Venture Capital & Angel Investment Report copy.004

Key Takeaways:

The number of deals in New York and nationally dropped from February levels. There were only 3 angel deals in NYC, albeit the funding average for each deal was in excess of $1M. Nationally, aggregate money flowing into angel deals fell 25% to ~$30M. This begs the question: where have all the angels gone?

For your tweeting convenience:

Average Angel round in NYC for March was $1.06M   Tweet this
Average Angel round in the US for March was $612k   Tweet this

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    holy god this article is awful. why does this have to be on 6 different slides with 6 different page loads. enough with this.

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    agree…horribly executed marketing piece

  • http://www.rocketcompanies.com Anthony

    The March month was good for some venture capital(VC)/private equity firms as they raised billion dollar funds . And their gains in March month are as follows

    Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) $2.23B
    Levine Leichtman Capital Partners $1.65B
    Andreessen Horowitz $1.5B
    Founders Fund $1B
    Partners $950M
    FTV Capital $700M
    DCM $330M
    Imperial Capital Group Ltd $295M
    Life Sciences Partners €112M
    Ysios Capital €100M

    Above data indicates that there is certainly a big trend in the market. If a companies come with a good business it does well and venture capitalists gain much.

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