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Point Guard:
Mark Cuban
Estimated Net Worth $2.5 Billion

This billionaire entrepreneur has come a long way from selling garbage bags door-to-door since the age of 12.

Today, Mark is the highly successful entrepreneur and investor who founded HDNet, Broadcast.com and MicroSolutions. He has also been an investor in startups, including Mahalo, JungleCents.com, motionloft.com, Filesanywhere.com, Naked Pizza and 140Fire.com.

Mark may be best known for his purchase of the Dallas Mavericks on January 4, 2000. Under his leadership, the team’s home games have become a total entertainment experience. Despite initial criticism, his impact on the team was easily felt by introducing original video content, advanced technology and unique entertainment options like the Mavericks ManiAACs. His successful efforts have brought a sense of pride and passion to fans and to the city of Dallas.

Prior to his purchase of the Mavericks, Mark co-founded Broadcast.com, the leading provider of multimedia and streaming on the Internet. Broadcast.com was sold to Yahoo! Inc. for $5.9 billion in July, 1999.

Currently, Mark is the owner and chairman of HDNet. HDNet and its sister network, HDNet Movies, are one of the few remaining independently owned and operated TV Networks in the U.S. and the first in the world to be programmed exclusively in high definition. His recent development, is being a shark on the hit show, Shark Tank.

The point guard sets the tone for an offense by managing movement and leading execution. With his upbeat personality, fast approach, and insanely competitive nature, Cuban can easily run the most formidable high-octane offense that would entertain all admirers and fans watching in the startup world. You know that whenever Cuban dabbles in something, it will always be handled boldly, quickly, efficiently and with lots of fun. 

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About the author: Rayyan Islam

A former Wall Street investment banker, Rayyan Islam provides “edutaining” wisdom to AlleyWatch readers from a youthful-heart-wise-mind perspective. Rayyan’s passion to positively change the world has brought him to become a traveling tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist, Google Glass developer, writer, and co-founder of a Los Angeles-based public relations firm. When he’s not consulting start-ups or watching Dallas sports, the young executive and fashion connoisseur cooks, reads and partakes in adventure sports with friends.

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