A New York VC Spotlight: Andrew Chang



A New York VC Spotlight: Andrew Chang

Andrew Chang is a founding partner of Liberty City Ventures (founded 2012), which invests in early stage startups that are innovating at the cross-sections of technology, media and commerce. LCV commit a percentage of each partner’s time to providing value-added services to their portfolio companies, using their expertise in PR, marketing, management and operations.

In May 2013, launched a $15 million Digital Currency Fund, focused on digital currency/Bitcoin startups with visionary entrepreneurs founding disruptive companies in the digital currency arena.

Chang started out as an analyst for Morgan Stanley. While there, he designed and implemented the first-ever firm-wide Metadata program, which helped to reduce the risk to the firm as a whole.  In 2005, he was awarded the Morgan Stanley Global Operations & Services Award for Excellence.

He then moved on to become Senior Manage of Customer Insights and Strategic Research at 360i, a digital marketing agency. There he developed innovative research techniques and solutions, such as Social Media Buzz Monitoring, which uses social media conversations as focus groups.

Chang next co-founded Rogue Media a media company focused on developing and operating digital properties..

Then, after being the Business Development MBA Intern at Kantor Video (a WPP Venture), he moved up to become Chief of Staff at the company, where, he assisted in the development, launch and daily operations of a new online video analytics platform.

From there, he moved on to TechStars, where he helped to add value to the 12 companies in that program before becoming the COO at Condition One.

At Condition One, a company pioneering a new standard in video technology to enable media companies, brands and consumers to create powerful immersive experiences., Chang led all business operations, as well as the oversight of all business development. The company was backed by TechStars and Mark Cuban, among others.

Chang graduated with a B.S. in Operations and Technology Management from Boston College before moving on to New York University where he received his MBA in Finance, Strategy, Entertainment and Media Technology.

Aside from Liberty City Ventures, Chang is also currently employed by Google, where he is the Lead Strategic Partner Development Manager for Emerging Display Advertising Products. He is also a board member at the NYU Venture Community.

VC Firms:

Founding Partner at Liberty City Ventures (Founded: July, 2012)

Current Investments:

Pickie (acquired by RetailMeNot)
Versa (formerly known as ElectNext)


New York University Venture Community

Expertise Areas:

Digital Currency, Technology, Digital Media

Social Presences:


Memorable Quote:

On how Bitcoin startups should approach business: “…not necessarily as tech startups would approach it, but as financial institutions would. That means complying with all the regulations that exist in the different countries you operate, and getting the necessary licensing, rather than approaching it from the standpoint of, ‘Let me just launch, open up a bank account here, without addressing the appropriate regulatory issues.’”

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About the author: Alexander Maykowski

Alexander Maykowski is a recent graduate of Marquette University, where he studied journalism and political science. He has an ardent interest in cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) and how they will shape the financial and global landscape in the future.

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