Hottest Startup Neighborhoods in New York City



Everyone knows New York is quickly becoming one of the best places in the world to be a tech company.  The Square Foot, a site that enables businesses to search and find the ideal space to set up shop, thought it would be fun to show where some of those companies have their NYC office space.

No surprise that there are large clusters around Flatiron and Chelsea as well as SoHo. This corridor running down Broadway is the oft-mentioned Silicon Alley which, in real estate circles, is commonly known as Midtown South.

Very few companies make it North of 30th, however, those that do are some pretty big names, including Seamless, MongoDB, and LinkedIn, whose NYC office continues to expand at The Empire State Building.

One will also notice not too much below Canal Street. Refinery29 just relocated from Cooper Square to 225 Broadway, but they are lonely down there. The city is making a big push with initiatives like Take The HELM so that they will have many more neighborhood buddies in years to come.

NYC’s Hottest Startup Neighborhoods:

Silicon Alley/Midtown South shows no sign of slowing down.  Everyone wants to be in Chelsea/Flatiron.

What Different Neighborhoods Will Likely Cost You:

Average rate south of Canal, etc.

Rents in Chelsea/Flatiron are in the mid to high 50’s for the buildings tech companies covet.  This is up a significant amount over the last couple of years but is still a deal compared to Midtown.

The Next Likely Up and Coming Neighborhoods for Tech:

FiDi (Financial District) or Garment District.  Both are transit accessible and seem like relative bargains next to Chelsea/Flatiron.

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