10 Must-See Inspirational Commencement Speeches

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Every year, thousands of commencement speeches are delivered at schools around the country.  Many of them carry inspirational, motivational and uplifting messages.  However, there are always a few that stand out above the crowd.  Here is a list of 10 speeches that we think are more than worth your time.  Let us know what commencement speeches are your favorite in the comments!


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About the author: Jared O'Toole

Jared O’Toole graduated Ithaca College with a finance degree and like so many other business majors he quickly realized corporate life was not a path for him. Instead, he got passionate about entrepreneurship, branding and how companies could leverage new media tools online. This change in heart led him to co-found Under30Media, a network of sites dedicated to inspiring young people with the resources needed to succeed on their journey including Under30CEO, Under30Finance, and Under30Careers. O’Toole has led Under30CEO to features on The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Yahoo! Finance to name a few.

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