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10 PR Tips for your Startup


As a Founder and Partner of a Los Angeles based Public Relations firmWilshire Austin, I get quite a bit of deal flow from startups that are struggling to get press for their amazing world changing products and services.

You had the bold courage to venture out into the tough journey of entrepreneurship. You developed a team, set up the company, and you’ve spent the last couple of months grinding day and night in developing your products and servicing your first customers. You are finally at this point when you started to get your first sales, yet it’s not what you expected. You were hoping to receive a huge buzz for your startup, gain a mass following and generate that into sales, but that didn’t happen. This is a common problem for many startups. However, I’m here to show you the steps to take so that you inevitably achieve your goals.

One of the most cost efficient ways to build buzz around your startup is to get it placed in various forms of media that makes sense for your target market. But how do you really do that?

Most people think that it’s enough to merely post every once in a while on their company’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. Wrong.

There are many avenues to help grow your influence, many of which should begin long before you actually launch your startup or product.


Image credit: CC by Kevin Dooley

About the author: Rayyan Islam

A former Wall Street investment banker, Rayyan Islam provides “edutaining” wisdom to AlleyWatch readers from a youthful-heart-wise-mind perspective. Rayyan’s passion to positively change the world has brought him to become a traveling tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist, Google Glass developer, writer, and co-founder of a Los Angeles-based public relations firm. When he’s not consulting start-ups or watching Dallas sports, the young executive and fashion connoisseur cooks, reads and partakes in adventure sports with friends.

  • Lyndon

    Some great ideas in here – but media coverage is publicity, not public relations. You should be using these ideas to help you build and relationships with all of the audiences that matter to your business, rather than paying to lease media relationships with the media in the hope they will allow you to talk with the people that matter to your business.

  • Meni

    How can i find relevant bloggers ?

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