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Here Are the Startups Techstars NYC Is About to Unleash on the World


Concert Window

Musicians (and fans) take heart and you know how it goes. When one door closes, a window opens. The Concert Window team are musicians themselves (one plays accordion; one plays bagpipes. Seriously) and they know the drill: You have to book a venue months in advance, and make a pittance for your efforts. Well, that’s changing.  Concert Window is an online music venue where two-thirds of ticket sales and tips go directly to the artist. (They can sell merchandise, too, for the record, and pun intended.) The best part is: everyone gets the best seats in the house: Musicians perform live shows from the comfort of their own homes. Fans can enjoy the show while they indulge their inner couch potatoes. All you need to put on a show is a laptop, and with the world so digitally connected, it’s a great way to reach fans all over the world – and help to disrupt the $27B live music market. Around 350 concerts a night are currently being booked through the platform.

About the author: Bonnie Halper

Bonnie Halper is Editor-in-Chief of AlleyWatch and also writes and curates the StartupOneStop.com newsletter, which focuses on startups and entrepreneurs, and is currently being read in 50+ countries around the world.

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