Here Are the Startups Techstars NYC Is About to Unleash on the World

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Makers Kit

Makers Kit offers fun DIY kits and entertaining how-to videos.

What does growing an herb garden in mason jars have to do with tech? And you know how accelerators always say that it’s all about team? Maker Kit founders Mike Stone and Jawn McQuade met through (wait for it) – Craig’s List.

The pair started by teaching live workshops in San Francisco, which morphed into team building exercises (moms would come to the maker workshops with their kids instead of going to the movies). Then came the videos and selling their maker kids online. Which is when fab picked up on them and they sold out – over 3k kits in less than a week.

And what does this have to do with tech? You buy the kits, then go to the website for instruction (no printed instructions included) – and to plug into the growing maker kit community.

“We’re taking the maker movement mainstream and accessible to everyone,” said Stone.

Speaking of which, they’ve partnered with Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Lulily, How About We, The Grommet – and will have their kits available in over 1300 stores in the US by the end of the year.

The Mason Jar Herb Garden is their best seller, followed by the Classic Cocktail Maker. And the Dinosaur Terrarium is big with kids.

“Techstars is definitely the best thing that happened to us. We did more in revenue in the 3 months than we had in a whole year of business.”

The craft and hobby market may be a crowded market and $3B market but “people think it’s hilarious, two guys teaching you how to make things,” said Stone.

But wait! There’s more! They have another book coming out soon, are in discussions with a few television networks, will be traveling around the country this summer in their own Maker Truck. And they’re primed and ready to give that Doyenne of DIY – Martha Stewart – a bit of competition. In our opinion: it’s a good thing.

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