The June New York Tech Meetup: Net Neutrality and the Gorilla in the Living Room

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“This is not a test. This is not a drill. This is a bona fide emergency,” said Clay Shirky, taking the stage at the New York Tech Meetup to address the importance of Net Neutrality. “Right now, anyone has the same terms of access as huge old rich media companies – and they hate that,” the NYU Associate Professor continued. “Comcast is proposing to set themselves up as a private tax collector over the Internet” and those who truly understand the implications of the coming proposed changes “wouldn’t fill Yankee Stadium. The Internet means that you don’t have to convince anyone else that you have a good idea before you get to try it.”

Shirky expressed surprise that President Obama would allow Net Neutrality to be compromised, despite the fact that it was the President himself who appointed the current FCC Chairman.

“Internet fast lanes would hurt startups,” said Union Square Venture’s Brad Burnham, who also addressed concern over the FCC’s proposed Net Neutrality rules, urged that everyone express their opinions at the FCC website – and quickly. The ruling comes in less than 100 days.


And now for the startups themselves…

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