The June New York Tech Meetup: Net Neutrality and the Gorilla in the Living Room

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CommonKey is a cloud-based password management platform that allows a company to securely manager and share passwords across apps. Ok, so say that you’re PiedPiper and because Nelson went to go work for Hooli, you have to make sure that he doesn’t have access to any of your accounts anymore. With CommonKey, all of Nelson’s access to PiedPiper accounts are easily removed, without disrupting the whole company. And if you create a new account on another service that you’d like to incorporate, you’re automatically asked if you’d like to save it to CommonKey. And yes, that was a gorilla on stage. It’s their mascot.

“You know what really floats my boat in the programming world?” asked Brandon Diamond as he took to the stage to present the hacks of the month. “C.”

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