4 Sales Skills All Leaders Need to Master

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In today’s business climate, your ability to sell is your ability to lead. Companies’ stock prices climb and plummet based on leaders’ ability (or inability) to sell their day-to-day decisions to shareholders, and college sports programs live and die by the head coaches’ ability to sell the program to student athletes, boosters, and fans.

Leaders are constantly in selling mode, promoting their ideas, their company, and their vision. All eyes are on the leader, and what those eyes see had better be impressive.

There are four particularly valuable skills that are found in all great salespeople and leaders, and these are qualities you should strive to build for yourself and cultivate in your employees.

1. Communication

Leaders with great communication skills motivate people to believe and invest in their companies. Outstanding leaders can clearly articulate their visions and translate them into a practical reality.


Image credit: CC by Rupert Ganzer

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