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Robin Chan is an active angel investor specializing in such areas as social media, mobile and gaming. Chan is currently the founder and CEO of Time Machine Ventures. A global entrepreneur and recognized by Forbes as one of “Nine Young Chinese Entrepreneurs To Watch” in 2010, Chan has really made a name for himself.

Putting his bachelor’s degree in economics from Columbia University to good use, Chan has an impressive work and investment history. He was an early investor in Twitter (2007), Square (2009), Foursquare (2009), Xiamoi (2011), Heyday (2013) and currently is an advisor to Flipboard (2012).

Some of his pervious work experience includes being the Director of Social Media at Verizon Wireless for a little over two years. He also was the CEO of XPD Media, a social game developer based in China, which was sold to Zynga in 2010, when Chan became Zynga’s General Manager of Asia Business Operations until 2011.

Most recently Chan made headlines for his interest in saving the troubled smart phone company Blackberry with his “Project BBX” and the lack of funding resulted with his plan failing.

Chan is active with his investments and is always looking for the next big idea. He has definitely proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with and has an amazing future ahead of him. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about the risks you take and, hopefully, the failure of “project BBX” won’t deter any future goals he may have. Big dreams require big risks.


CEO of Time Machine Ventures

Sector Focus:

Social Media


Venture for America

Expertise Areas:

Social Media, Gaming, Mobile

Websites & Twitter:


Memorable Quotes:

“It [Project BBX] was considered an absolutely crazy idea, which was why it attracted incredibly talented people who wanted to do something ballsy.”

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