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Meet the 8 Companies That Will Be Hitting the Runway at the NY Fashion Tech Lab Demo Day Today


Clothes Horse

If the shoe fits…Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it’s the clothes that make the person, and buying them online has been something of a crapshoot. Clothes Horse is solving that problem: the company’s core product is a recommendation engine that retails embed on their site and that recommends sizes, based on a shopper’s body details and favorite clothes – and of course, a predictive algorithm. The end result: a better fit, and a better fit means few returns, which has always been a headache for retailers.

“Our client have seen a 9-1/2% decrease in return 9% lift in revenue,” said co-founder Vikram Venkatraman, who is also a DreamIt Ventures Accelerator alum.

Between their analytics, competitive intelligence, design and propriety data(which they call Clothes Horse Insights), no one else has a product quite like Clothes Horse, and “the only place where you can build a company like this is in New York, where all businesses are based,”Venkatraman added. “We have competitors in other parts of the world, and they suffer as a result of it.” The company’s biggest differentiator: “The number of case studies we’ve done. Our product is a 10X ROI for our customers.” Their current clients include 30+ world-class retailers, including Anthropologie, Bluefly, Steven Alan, Nicole Miller, GANT and Frank & Oak, the fastest growing retailer ever.

“We think of this as a  $3-$10 billion problem – maybe even larger. This is the lynchpin that’s holding retailers back  – it’s all right there in the fit.” 

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