NY Enterprise Tech Meetup: How to Hire a Good Sales VP

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Jason Lemkin, managing director of Storm Ventures and SaaStr.com, spelled it all out, in no uncertain terms. Some key tidbits:

1. You will be the first VP of sales for your startup, until you make a few hires to help with the work load.
2. Don’t hire a VP of sales too early –  ideally after you achieve $1/$1.5 million in revenue, and you will need this person along with two reps you hired.
3. Reps can only have a negative impact on your company’s finances if they don’t perform.
4. The Sales VP’s main job should be to build a great team, and recruiting good hires takes time.
Great VPs will raise revenue per lead, closing deals smartly.
5. Make the hire once a repeatable process is established, because a bad hire can be worse than no hire at all.

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About the author: Willie Diaz

Willie graduated from CUNY Baruch College in 2013 with a degree in English and minors in entrepreneurship and anthropology. Born and raised in New York City, he also took courses in journalism and published articles with Baruch’s award winning online magazine Dollars & Sense.

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