Obamacare: Creation Of A Big Brother State?


Obamacare provides healthcare insurance coverage for all – but is it also collating data on every American citizen?

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  • http://www.howardgreenstein.com/blog Howard Greenstein

    What’s the source of the video. It has a particular point of view -scary big government stuff. I’m not saying I disagree or agree, I just want to know the source, since they cite a whole bunch of networks and sources, but not the actual information those sources provided.

  • saneprofessor

    Ask someone from Canada what they think about their healthcare system.
    Ask someone from France.
    Ask someone from Sweden.
    Ask someone from Finland.
    Ask someone from Norway.

    You’ll hear: WE LOVE IT!

    I got charged $1000 a minute to see an MD in the ER. 90 seconds. $1300. Think we can do better.

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