20 Awesome People in the New York Tech Scene You Need to Know About

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They’re mentors. They’re facilitators. They’re connectors. And they’re always ready, willing and able to help entrepreneurs wherever and however they can.

You may have seen some of them on panels, but these are the people who spend most of their time working behind the scenes and front and center to keep the New York tech community thriving and growing.

We, at AlleyWatch, felt it was high time that someone shined a spotlight on these shakers and movers.  They’re the people who help to make sure the trains not only run on time, but that the startups and/or the entrepreneurs fortunate enough to cross their paths, stay on track. A round of applause for the true backbones of the New York tech scene – each and every one of them is nothing short of awesome!




Founder’s note:  AlleyWatch does not have a financial relationship with any of those included.  This list is in no particular order nor is it a ranking.  In fact, the =RAND() function on excel was used to determine order. In a city of 8.3M, there are more than 20 awesome people in NYC Tech.  If you are not on this list, it is not an indication of your awesomeness or lack thereof and there is no reason to fire your PR firm. Continue being awesome. Lastly, thanks to everyone in NYC for their work in building this thriving ecosystem, without which a property like ours would not be possible.  

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