An Angel in New York: Amit Sharma



Amit Sharma’s expertise lies mostly in media. He ia the founder of Black Jays Media, a company designed to help young startups develop and launch new services. Clients included Sanona.com (OTT film service), where he worked with the CEO to successfully raise over £1m in seed capital; Blinkbox (OTT video service), where he facilitate the sale of the company to Tesco, the UK’s leading grocery and general merchandise retailer; and Woomi TV (Connected TV video service), where he led a cross-functional team, signing distribution deals with Global TV and Set Top Box manufacturers (e.g. Phillips/Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, Boxee, Roku) while licensing video content for the platform across the UK, France, and Germany. He dissolved Black Jays as of October 2013. Prior to that, he was an Associate Director at Ingenious Media, one of the largest advisory groups in the UK, with a focus on creative industries. His portfolio is still in its nascent stage of development, and his sole, investment is in Beauty Booked, a site that searches and books the best spas and salons.

Sharma received his MBA in Strategy and Finance from the London Business School

Angel Group
The New York Angels

Sector Focus:

Digital Media, E-Commerce, Education, Enterprise Software, Entertainment, Marketplaces, Mobile, Social Media, Sports

Selected Investments

Beauty Booked

Expertise Areas

Developing corporate strategies, Identifying growth opportunities, evaluating investment cases, negotiating commercial deals, and raising capital

Websites and Social Media


About the author: Christopher Quiles

Christopher Quiles is a recent graduate from Lehman College. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Multimedia Journalism.

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