Couponing at Office Depot: a Beginner’s Guide



Most individuals who are not experienced when it comes to couponing as a means to saving money feel overwhelmed and even slightly intimidated about beginning their new pasttime: saving money with coupons. There is a lot of information out there, especially since extreme couponing has become a buzzword among savvy shoppers everywhere. The internet is overflowing with information about couponing; unfortunately, some of the information out there is confusing or even conflicting. Let’s take a look at how to coupon most effectively in a no-nonsense way at popular stores such as Office Depot.

Coupons from the Store

One of the best ways to purchase a large amount of items for less at stores like Office Depot is called a store coupon. The store coupon allows buyers to pick up the latest information about deals and promotions right within the store itself. For instance, Office Depot coupons are often available via the store in the newspaper, coupon inserts, etc. The newspaper is the most common method of finding good in-store coupons; however, there are many other in-store coupon locations out there. Many stores have bins near the entrance containing magazines that are specifically meant to provide customer awareness about deals and promotions in the near future.

Another resource is online coupons; Office Depot may post a variety of coupons, deals, and promotions on the company website on a monthly or weekly basis. This can be a great resource for people who do not have a lot of extra time on their hands to search coupons. Stay at home parents or other individuals with a packed schedule may find that online coupons provide a great way to save money without expelling an unnecessary amount of time and energy. Simply scroll through the website’s coupon and promotion page, click on the coupons that are of interest, and print them out. It’s hard to beat the simplicity of an online coupon system!

One of the best places to find deals outside of the store website is to find a reputable provider of discount services. Office Depot coupons and cashback by Ebates is one of the best destinations for those who are looking for the best deals without sacrificing a lot of time and energy. A little hint for beginning couponers: websites such as retailmenot.com and Krazycouponlady.com are popular, but they may not provide the full spectrum of advantages presented by Ebates.

Coupons from the Phone

Most people may read the heading again; yes, it is possible to access coupons from a mobile phone that has smartphone capabilities. In fact, ten times as many people redeem mobile coupons as those who redeem traditional coupons. This is a fantastic way for users to keep up with deals on the go. Office Depot coupons are often sent out on a monthly or weekly basis to those who sign up for mobile notifications. Usually, all it takes to sign up for mobile coupon updates is an email address.

Mobile coupons are popular because they are free and easy to access. There are also no printing costs when using a mobile coupon. The user simply presents his or her phone to the cashier with the correct screen pulled up. The cashier can then scan the barcode directly from the phone; in essence, the customer’s mobile phone becomes a coupon. How cool is that? Mobile technology has become a huge benefit to couponers because mobile couponing reduces hassle and increases efficiency.

Rules to Remember

Collecting and redeeming coupons is very rewarding and fairly easy to pick up; however, it is important to remember that there are several rules and regulations to follow when couponing. Those who are new to the world of collecting and redeeming coupons might be uninformed about said rules, which may result in an embarrassing experience in the checkout lane. In order to prevent discouragement or even potential legal action, review the general Office Depot coupons ground rules listed here:

  • Do not bring an online coupon to a store that has a supposed “freebie” function. Coupons should not be presented for a free item unless other items are being purchased simultaneously.
  • Do not use two coupons at once in an attempt to get an item for free. This may be commonly attempted with “buy one get one” coupons; be warned that it is not an appropriate method of couponing and most stores will not accept this offer.
  • Do not make coupons. Coupons are like money and should not be counterfeited.
  • Do not photocopy coupons once you have used a coupon.
  • Do not use a coupon on a different item than indicated in the coupon.

Keep the information listed above in mind when collecting and redeeming coupons. Most people pick up the art of couponing rather quickly after doing a little research and getting organized. Hopefully, the brief how-to listed above will help couponers of all experience levels learn how to coupon correctly and successfully when redeeming in-store or mobile coupons at stores like Office Depot.

Image credot: CC by Carol Pyles

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