How the World Will Replace Employees with Entrepreneurs


There are many theories and studies that shred light on the future state of the American job market, like futurist Thomas Frey, who in 2012 predicted that two billion jobs would disappear by 2030. Whether or not you agree with this statement, what is true is that change is inevitable. Some jobs may disappear, but others will be created, and Anna Vital may have the solution:  replace employees with entrepreneurs. In this inforgraphic, Vital shows several different work environments and the challenges employees face within each, and ultimately, why employees will become entrepreneurs in the future. Companies are getting rid of the traditional worker and they’re being replaced with entrepreneurs. The only thing left to decide is whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur.


Image Credit: FundersandFounders.com


About the author: Alise Hammond

Alise Hammond is a copy-editing intern for AlleyWatch.  Being a new writer, she’s excited to diversify her portfolio and gain experience writing for multiple platforms. She’s a recent graduate from Temple University, gaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism.  She has previous experience writing for Temple News, Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Philly Fashionistas, specializing in areas such as fashion and arts and entertainment. She loves indulging in news of all sorts and has a weakness for a good online sale.

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